How to Keep Warm at Winter Break


Winter is coming. Not talking about Game of Throne, but literately, winter is near. Imagine you are standing in a 32 degree Fahrenheit, winds blows, and you have no jacket that keeps you warm. You will definitely get a trouble by cold injury. Though it sounds alarmist, but this will be happened if not planed well for your trip. In this article, our target is sharing the information what you need to prepare for this cold weather trip.

camping power bank
  1. Prepare Thick Clothes

These clothes will allow you to feel better in a cold weather. If one shirt is not enough for you, you can stack it up, and layer another one. Multilayer thin clothes more than to wear a thick clothes to keep warm, is the cause of the hot air trapped between two layers of clothes, basically have the effect of insulator that will not let cold air in .


  1. Bring Beverage Warmer Devices

Beside of clothes, there is another thing makes the trip more joyable, is to bring a hot beverage warmer. Such as coffee warmer, thermos flask, etc. They do not consume a lot of electricity. By using camping power bank, it only takes about 20-50 watt hour of energy per hour. If using fuel or diesel, you can also bring your vacuum flask. It is also work.



  1. Sleep Bag+Electrical Blanket

Just like clothes, Sleep bags also have the function of insulator that keeps you warm. If you want it warmer, you can lay in an electrical blanket inside of the sleep bag, and single size of electrical blanket does not need too much power. It takes about 40 watt per hour. You can bring your camping battery power bank or whatever. But still, you need to choose a high cost rate sleep bag to maximum its function.* Tips: You may need time to warm up before getting into your sleeping bag. Drink something warm and do some jumping exercises to get your core body temperature up.


  1. Another Portable Heater

If you are in a caravan, and there is extreme weather like storm is coming, what are you going to do? If you take a larger capacity & power of camping battery power station, use a portable heater. Any how, it is in the tent to keep warm of one of the more effective method. We don't suggest you open central heating while sleeping, to be on the safe side, or turn them off. When using these products, please ensure that you follow the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure your safety.


Planning a trip for a cold weather is not like playing a game, we take this seriously for the enjoy during the trip. We strongly recommend that you take the necessary measures to ensure that the best temperature. Stay warm and wish you have a good trip.