How to improve the conversion rate of solar panels to convert solar energy into electricity
At present, the conversion rate of solar cells up to 24.1%. According to the principle of photoelectric conversion and the corresponding formula deduced, the theoretical value of solar cell conversion rate of 26%, 24.1% is very close to the limit value of solar cell conversion, a few laboratories have reached 25%.
POWERWIN PWS110 110W Solar Panel charge for Energizer solar portable generator.
The methods to increase the conversion rate of solar cells are as follows.
1. The correct location for solar installation
Orientation and angle are the two main factors to consider. Typically, solar modules get the best exposure to sunlight at an angle of 18-36 degrees. For those in the northern hemisphere, solar panels should be on a south-facing slope. In the southern hemisphere, you should install solar panels on a north-facing slope. The main idea is to get maximum sunlight exposure.
However, you should be aware that temperature levels can affect the efficiency of solar panels. An increase in temperature may cause a decrease in the efficiency of the solar panel, so it is best to choose a solar panel with good heat dissipation, such as the POWERWIN PWS110.
2. Cleaning
Solar panels tend to collect dirt on the surface over time with use, which reduces efficiency. Of course, when there is dirt on the surface, the absorption of sunlight is also reduced. Dirt and grime have little effect on efficiency, but you shouldn't ignore it as it can be around 5% over the course of a year. The waterproof material of the POWERWIN PWS110 means you can clean the surface of the solar panel with water, making the charge of the energy storage more complete and stable.
3. Use during peak sunlight hours
Solar panels are usually generated by sunlight. In other words, it can only produce energy during the day. To get the most out of it, try to use it during the midday hours of the day so that you can increase the efficiency of your solar panels. Make sure you take all your solar devices out during the day and let them fully charge so that they are fully charged at night.
4. Choose the right type of portable power station
Energizer currently has 2 types of battery energy storage on the market, an NCM (Lithium-ion) battery and a LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery. Both types of Energizer portable power stations can effectively store electricity converted by solar panels. The combination of Energizer PPS320, PPS700, PPS2000 and POWERWIN solar panels can maximize current stability, safety and sustainable energy storage.