Charging Power Station
Need a light outside but no plug to find. Working with computer at backyard with garden view but need electricity to power up fan or and extra monitor. Journey and explore nature with campervan and enjoying the quietness, car battery cannot supply continuous power when engine stop. Energizer Portable Power Station will solve your problem. With Energizer, you can select which type will fit you the most when doing activity that required a power source but there is none, out in the wild or when blackout happen.
Energizer PPS320 Portable Power Station | Solar Generator for charging laptop
Energizer PPS can be charge using a Solar Panel when no power outlet in reach. This can be an advantage when you want to build a small Solar Power Plant to harness energy from sun, store it and use it when it needed. No need to manage too many cables, connecting with the right modules, DIY your own battery for the storage, finding the right display to measure the battery capacity and select correct output plug to power your electric devices.
Charging a battery is always a primary knowledge that all users need to know and understand. Battery will last longer when it charged with low current and the correct voltage. Voltage usually needed must be higher than the voltage of the battery, and for current is limited according to battery type. This current is determined by the capacity of the battery. To push more energy flow into a battery, and keep the current at the safe limit (so the battery can last long and avoid heat), voltage of battery can be increased. 24 V battery with 3 amps current can produce 72 Watts of power and it will be double if we double the voltage but keep the current at a same level.
Energizer PPS2000 2100W 2150Wh Portable Power Station | Solar Generator
Energizer PPS 2000 is an example how bigger capacity of a battery can receive more to charge. Because battery inside has larger voltage and larger capacity, it allows great amount of power to flow into the battery. This will save more time to charge so can use it right away to support all your needs.