3 Things You Need to Do Before Choosing Your First Portable Battery Pack For Camping AC


Still Searching for a portable battery pack that you have no any problem using alternating current (AC) for camping. You may considering about if it is portable enough to be a portable battery pack, does it really have a solar plug outlet? Is it really a safe battery pack? No worries, in this article, we will cover you how do you choose a portable battery pack for camping AC.


1. Inverter For Camping AC

If you do need to power a electrical fan, laptop, personal electric blanket, mini fridge, done, etc. Make sure you need to choose a portable battery pack that has a inverter. With a pure sine wave inverter for Energizer PPS320, it perfectly matched with most of home and outdoor appliances. It allows you transfer the direct current (DC) from battery to AC with harmless for your devices.

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2. Solar Plug & Solar Outlet

To maintain your battery state of charge like a string, you need a power sources that comes from natural power, thus solar power is the easiest sources you can get. After you have a solar panel, then you need a portable power storage systems for your power saving. What you need, is a input function that battery can hold and save from solar power. Energizer series of power stations have MPPT function and solar plug outlet, it can hold your solar power, and generate electricity straight away. It allows you charge by solar and discharge to other devices at the same time.

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3. Choose A Safety Power Pack

You may know that batteries are a dangerous material if using without care. That is the reason for any customers that it is important to choose a trusted brand battery. Energizer now offering power stations. It is not only by its brand guarantees, but its material usage, Energizer portable power stations using lithium iron phosphate, the vehicle level of portable battery pack keeps you a a safe power while in using camping AC or camping DC.


In the end, we believed that you have some thoughts about how to choose your battery pack from the glance.