Camping in the USA: Top 10 Rated Recommendations (Part I)
One of the most attractive aspects of traveling in the United States is the "campground" that blends into the natural backdrop. There are approximately 16,500 public and private campgrounds in the United States, and their unique charm makes camping trips in the United States extremely enriching. Think of the beauty and romance of camping in a beautiful park, enjoying the beauty of nature behind the scenes. Today let me introduce you to the top 10 best campgrounds in the United States, I hope it will help you!
1. Roane Mountain State Park, Tennessee
The Appalachian Trail is not a small name in the United States, and the best place to camp on the trail is none other than Roane Mountain State Park. Climbing up the Appalachian Trail on Roane Mountain, visitors can enjoy some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in the eastern United States. At the summit of Roane Mountain, follow the "green" ridge from west to north, with sweeping views of the flower-filled hillside. The trail is located just between Cheraw 1 Forest Park and Pisgah National Forest. Unless otherwise posted, you can either camp on the trail or go off the trail and pitch your tent in Cherokee or Pisgah.
2. San Gorgonio Wilderness Campground, San Bernardino National Forest, California
If you like eco-adventure, a trip to San Gorgonio's Wilderness Campground is the best choice. Hiking enthusiasts will love the fact that there are up to 12 trails to choose from and jagged rolling hills to see along the way. Climbing San Gorgonio Peak at 11,500 feet is nothing short of an adventure, but the ecologically sound wilderness preserves along the way will compensate. Campsites are best located at Dry Lake or Trail Flats. Camping on Grinnell Ridge is also a good option, with beautiful views of the Sugliff summit and Santa Ala Canyon.
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3. Brickhill Bluffs, Cumberland Island National Seashore Park, Georgia
The southern United States is known as the "Sunbelt," and the best campground for a southern vacation is Cumberland Island, where parasitic vines entwine. You'll find that even if you're permanently exiled here, it can still feel that good. You can paddle Eskimo paddles, swim, fish, and spy on dolphins, turtles, and wild horses. When you're tired, look for a treasure trove of places to camp, and Brickhill Bluff is one of the good choices. However, because of the humidity, mosquitoes are a bit abundant, so you need to do some preparation before you go.
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