The ways to prepare for a power outage

Power outages occur in almost every region of the United States. Some power outages last a short time, some last a few hours, but sometimes, they can last for several days. You may get a warning about a possible power outage, for example, if the weather forecast says there are strong winds, heavy rain, snow or ice.

But you may not have any warning at all.  Storms, hurricanes, floods and tornadoes can cause power outages. And today, that seems to be happening more than ever. Get a handle on some disaster preparations before the season starts to help you get through it more smoothly.

  1. Storing Enough Water

While storms vary in severity, and services like water and electricity can sometimes be restored quickly, you can never be too prepared for a major disruption. From simple needs like drinking and cooking to less obvious things like bathing and laundry, you need to stock up on emergency water supplies in case a storm hits.

  1. Storing Emergency Foods

If your home is not equipped with any power station equipment for the time being, you better realize ahead of time that preserving produce and heating food in the microwave can be a challenge.

You would be wise to always keep a supply of shelf-stable foods such as organic varieties of packaged soups, jerky, freeze-dried fruits, nuts and seeds. But if you have an Energizer PPS2000 power storage unit charging for your fridge in your home at this time, you will be able to better preserve your food and keep your family eating more nutritiously.

  1. Preparing Bright Light For Night

You’re going to want to keep things bright with powerful, durable, long-lasting emergency lights, and Energizer PPS has just what you need to light the way…throughout your home.

Like Energizer PPS320, Energizer PPS700 and Energizer PPS2000. All series of the power stations have such features. Not only are they equipped with their own emergency LED lights with low light, high light, SOS emergency flash, and blink flash modes, but they can also power other devices in your home. With a pure sine inverter, you can power your home router while there is no internet cause of power outage, electric blanket. With PD 100W, you can power your laptop in a short period of time. Beside of that, there is also car cigarette lighter, DC 5521 port, and Q.C. USB ports, you can power up many devices. Power anything, power anywhere.